Natasja Saad

Biography  (October 31, 1974 – June 24, 2007)

Natasja Saad (October 31, 1974 – June 24, 2007), also known as Lil T, Little T and Natasja, was a Danish rapper and reggae singer whose vocals on a popular reggae fusion remix of “Calabria” gained her worldwide fame and a number one spot on Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay chart six months after her death in a car accident.

Saad, the daughter of a Danish photographer, Kirstine Saad, and a Sudanese father, started singing and DJ’ing at the age of 13 in Copenhagen, where she performed live with Miss Mukupa and McEmzee in the band, No Name Requested. During that period, she also performed along with Queen Latifah and gained popularity in Jamaica. In 1999, while in training to become a professional jockey, she fell off her horse. This slowed her career.

Natasja died on June 24, 2007, in a car accident in Spanish Town, Saint Catherine, Jamaica. Two other passengers were critically injured, but Saad’s friend, Danish singer Karen Mukupa, was relatively unhurt. She and the other injured were rushed to the Spanish Town Hospital where the singer was pronounced dead.

The accident was perceived as a particularly big loss for Denmark’s music and entertainment world, not only because of Natasja’s sincere and exceptionally engaging personality, but also because she still stood before a career that, after some earlier setbacks and, in the preceding years, impressive successes, appeared more than ever on the rise.

Natasja is buried at Assistens Kirkegård, Copenhagen’s cemetery for artistic and pioneering personalities, which, aside from hosting H.C. Andersen, Søren Kierkegaard and physicist Niels Bohr, is also gradually becoming a resting place for more recent stars of the 21st century.


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