Natural Black

Natural Black represents an exciting approach to Reggae music. This resilient brother has over the years demostrated his ability to get the attention of a wide cross-section of music lovers to listen to his music.

He has instilled a new awareness among his peers, with songs such as ‘Bad Mind’, ‘Songs Of Feeling’, ‘Never Leave You Lonely’ and more recently, ‘Nice It Nice’, ‘Far From Reality’, and ‘Never Hurt You’, from his soon to be released album, ‘Far From Reality’. Mortimer ‘Natural Black’ Softley was born on March 16, 1975 in Georgetown, Guyana. He came to Jamaica in 1995. Coming to Jamaica was natural, as he epitomizes the inherent culture of Reggae. Asked what attracted him to Reggae music, Natural Black pointed out that Reggae music has a vibe that is different from any other music. He says, ‘like life, Reggae music inspires, and gives the artiste an opportunity to express one’s self fully, regardless of the issues highlighted’.

His message is crystal clear, and his impassioned pleas for wrongs to be made right and justice applied in the case of the poor and opressed, are indeed relevant in these crutial times. His style and personality has made him a favorite among some of the top record producers and show promoters in Jamaica, and throughout the Caribbean. As a result, he has toured extensively and has performed to sold out audiences in Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy and Slovenia. He has also performed on most of the major Reggae shows and festivals such as Sting, Reggae-Sumfest, Rebel Salute, East Fest and others. P.G. Music’s Marlon McCubbin, produced his current album ‘Far From Reality’, and believes that the singer is capable of taking his audience to subliminal levels, where only in the depth of one’s consciousness can one’s mind create and conceive a true spiritual balance.


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