New Sound Sistim


New Sound Sistim is a unique and experimental reggaeband. On their first album ‘This World’ singer Jay Lorou and drummer/producer Manolo Honkoop have created a fresh and modern reggae sound using their interest in other musical styles like jazz and hip-hop. Some of their songs are rootsy, others are closer to dancehall reggae.

In his homeland Ivory Coast Jay Lorou was one of the front performers of the loca rap scene. In the Netherlands he continued his career as a reggae and hiphop artist. His talents as a performer were immediately recognised. Most of Jay’ English and French lyrics are engaged and intense like in ‘This World’ and ‘Rallyround’, others like ‘Good Vibes’ are lighter and concern sensi and parties.

Manolo Honkoop who is responsible for New Sound Sistims musical arrangements, is a multi-talented musician who is known for his unconventional style. He plays several instruments but he excels in drums and percussion. Next to being a reggae specialist he has also recorded and performed with Nu-jazz, funk, hip-hop and rock bands. Besides a musician he also works as a sound-engineer and producer in his own studio.

Currently the band is playing in a seven piece formation and are succesfully touring The Netherlands playing different kinds of festivals.

Jay Lorou – vocal
Manolo Honkoop – drums & vocals
Seger Uyterlinde – guitar
Marciano Morman – bass
DJ Drywood – Turntablist
Ron Gijselhart – keys
Bas Lemmers – percussion .


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