Andrew nelson a.k.a M.C / D.J Nuffy was born on September 07, 1975 at The Spanish Town Hospital,to parents Vivalin Thomas and George Nelson. I grew up in the parish of St.Catherine in a humble community called Gregory park in Portmore. I was the fifth child and the third son of this loving family which consisted of seven children, four girls and two boys.

I attended the Sister ëBí Basic school and then furthered his education at the Gregory Park All-Age school. Through my hard work and dertermination in sports, I got a running scholarship from The Camperdown High School. I was a great all-rounder in sports, I also excelled in football and other physical activities. Unfortunately, I never spent more than three weeks at the prestigious institution because I had my own hopes and dreams to accomplish.  I started to visit the race track often which I was doing from ten years old, seeing that I lived just a step away. I was working as a prentice from that tender age trying to help my mother put food on the table because things were hard for us.  I wanted to pursue a career as a jockey after I left Camperdown, but sadly it never worked out because I could not maintain the
average weight that was recommended for the purpose.


My mother use to tell me that I could not stay home, because I got an opportunity to go to school and to become something in life and I threw it away. So, I being a responsible young individual decided to find a job, I was out there job hunting for quite a while.  Until I found a job as a sales assistant at the formally well known Tropical Battery, I was always energetic ( full of vibes) on the job.  So my co-workers encouraged me to leave and move into the entertaining business, which I was always fascinated with from the age of nine.  My mother’s friends use to always tell her that I was going to become a star and she should help me to accomplish that goal. I use to attend dances where I was the centre of attraction, I was the originator of the popular and famous dance move ‘Daggerin’.  My assistance were always older than I was but everyone enjoyed the entertainment and the vibes I brought to the dancehall.  And I did all this from the age of nine years old.


I continued to dance and became the carnival king of Portmore I maintained the title for three years straight.  My attire was of nothing of the norm, I was clad in tight pants, which was above my ankle and a tight jacket. My accompaniments for my outrageous suit was a jockey whip, still fighting for that career and a high heeled boot called  ‘Alligator 2000’.  Which was given to me by a friend named Teddy Notch. That act took my career to sky high, I was always featured in The Star and X-News.
Not long after I got a phone call telling me to come to an audition at 16 Odeon Avenue Kingston at Palm Productions.  One of the judges present were formally renowned dancehall queen Carlene she got hooked to my act, which was a dance routine,  I was chosen over the many. I was slated to perform on a television sitcom, which came every Wednesday nights named TRAXX.  During my tenor at traxx, I signed a deal with a phone card company, who wanted to publish cards for call boxes and house phones. They couldn’t decide on a name for the product, and seeing that my name was nuffy and I was to be the spokes person for the company. The card was named Chat Nuff, my business with the company was doing great, unfortunately I stopped receiving phone calls from the  manager and the card and the company depleted. At the same time my contract with Palms production was up. The company decided to take  a new step and started a new television sitcom. The popular and unforgettable ‘Royal Palms Estate’.


I was known for always being on the move and wasn’t featured on the programme because I decided to add a little twist to my career.  I went back to my past accomplishment as a dancer and M.C., which I excelled in. I was awarded on four occasions the M.C. of the year from the popular sound system ‘Stone Love’ at their annual anniversary. I was quick at things and through my experience as an M.C I learnt from entertainers how to compile words to form lyrics. I hosted many of the major stage shows and dances locally and internationally. Persons were always enthused at Christmas to come and watch me host the annual stage show ‘STING’, ‘ISLAND EXPLOSION’, G.T EXTRAVAGANZA.  I also did some major summer shows like the popular show ‘SUMFEST’, ‘CHAMPIONS IN ACTION’ and through doing I got a brilliant idea to start my own show, which I named ‘PORTMORE AWARDS’. It was formulated to award persons for their great work and dedication to their communities,  among the persons awarded were doctors, trainers, jockeys, grooms, polices, entertainers and just the ordinary man. The show was a success
for twelve years with glitches here and there. In 2007 I recorded one of my many songs which got numerous amounts of airplay it was called  ‘BLUETOOTH’ it took my career to another level and I was being recognized by more persons in and out of the music industry.  I collaborated with many artist locally and internationally. My most recent collaboration was with Vybz Kartel and Pappa Duck from the big  Spendas label and black spade production which was titled ‘RICH MONEY MAKER’ is very popular locally and internationally. In conclusion, if you ask who is Andre G. Nelson, many will know and some may not, but refer to me as Nuffy, M.C/ D.J Nuffy and you will get numerous responses. But I just simply call myself ‘THE MAN WITH MANY MOODS’.


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