Reggae artiste Oriel had silently hoped for years that one day the world would fall in love with his music.

Today, with the release of Nah Give Up and Confidence the soft-spoken singer is making a lot of noise as the world begins to embrace him.

Jamaica,  as well as several Caribbean countries and Europe, is beginning to embrace Oriel and his music as his words seem to effortlessly affect the hearts of its listeners.

If Confidence is the track that has brought Oriel, 28, some form of worldwide recognition then one ought to look out for Down Where I Live, a track which his Afar Music Group contingent is backing to bring him an explosive breakthrough.

The singer, born Oriel Barry in Dominica, a small island in the Caribbean, has also shown his versatility as a recording artiste releasing a few dancehall tracks such as Feeling Good and Scheme (Nah Stay Far), which features fast-emerging dancehall artiste RicMan.

Add also to his catalogue of skills: producing, engineering, graphic design and DJ but it is through recording music that Oriel has managed to shine most. He’s often being mentioned as a brilliant musician whose talents are not limited to one specific genre.

Oriel, who also co-owns Pennsylvania-based record label Lamar Clan, said he’s here to do music of the highest quality for a very long time. “This is what I love, music. Nothing gets to my soul easier than the sound of a beat coming from music. Music to me is the ultimate creation,” he said.

Under his label, Oriel has released projects such as the Soy Sawce, Heavy Metal and Jailhous rock rhythms . He also produced tracks for several local-based artistes such as Konshens, Wayne Wonder, Chris Martin, Anthony Cruz, RDX, Voicemail, Raine Seville, Jahmiel, and Bugle.


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