Jamaica born in a parish called Lindstead, who currently lives in England, London. Orthadox has always had love for music & performances from his tender teen years in Jamaica, he first started out doing stand up comedy within his parish of Lindstead which grew rapidly into performing his songs at live stage shows within and around Lindstead, from a young age Orthadox has performed with many known artist’s within the dancehall industry such as Tony Curtis, Jigsy King and many more.

When Orthadox arrived in England he still pursued his career within the music industry where he had created a group called LOC which was formed up of two of his friends who are Lenky Roy & Baby Chris they had performed at many events within England such as UK Sting which was held by Rudie Classic at Stratford Rex & various venues within London. In 2006 the group had created a song which went Number 1 all round Europe called Crazy Frog ( Ring Ding Ding) then subsequently shortly after this number song they had released yet another club anthem Represent. These songs gain Orthadox & the other members of the group the opportunities to tour all round Europe & Win an Urban Music Award. The group decided that they wanted to make a bigger impact to the world in regards to their music, so Baby Chris went to Jamaica where he is still currently networking with various producers and artists across the Caribbean & gaining a name for himself as an Jamaican Pop Star, while Lenky Roy & Orthadox have been networking with talented Producers & Artists within the Uk. They have formed up a team of Engineers, Producers, artists & talented promoters to create their very own record label called LOC RECORDING. Their First project was with Orthadox featuring an artist called Rudy Irie on a track called Love Is In The Air which was composed by Smooth Face. Orthadox then proceeded to work on another two projects one track called Gal Ah Yuh Mi Want which smooth Face Composed another one which was called Badda Dan which Kodi Star Composed. Orthadox then teamed up with a younger producer called Pro J Stream to create various projects such as the Wavey Riddim on this particular project they had gave the opportunities to other artist to vocal on this particular project.

Orthadox & Lenky Roy also created a song on this project called Feeling Wavey which rapidly became a Club anthem with the Dancehall Club sector. Orthadox is currently working on various projects which he intends to released start from the begging of summer 2012 and beyond along with establishing LOC RECORDING as the number one recording studio for talented artists

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