Out of Many


The Strawl & Out of Many story started at the beginning of the new millenium in the East of the Netherlands. Out of Many evolved from a horn section when the trombone and saxophone player started weekly reggae sessions. At the very first show with various local singers, a rastaman joined the stage to perform some of his works. This unexpected act thrilled the audience and band so much that a folluw up was obvious. The rastaman in fact was Curtis ‘Strawl’ Arnaud, just arrived from the Caribbean island of St. Eustatius and looking for a way to progress in the music. From that day on Strawl & Out of Many joined hands to create some of the finest reggaemusic made in Holland.

Attracting a varierity of people with their critical view on the society, the ability of the band came to light when they won several regional music prizes. Strawl & Out of Many, the name referring to the Jamaican anthem ‘Out of Many One People’, is recognised by music lovers as a musical force of love, wisdom and understanding with a Caribbean flavour.


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