Ovadoze Movement

There is no other style of music that is as dynamic and influential as Jamaican reggae dancehall music. Over the years reggae dancehall music has influenced pop music and has laid the foundation for modern dance music like drum & bass, hip hop, house, techno, club, lounge and 2-step. One of the most important influences on these forms of dance music has been the sound system, the huge mobile discotheks going around the island of Jamaica since the late fifties.

Ovadoze Movement is a dj-crew from the Netherlands, based on theJamaican sound systems/selectors. The crew consists of Danny PepperseedKri$$ and Mr. Scissors. They do not call themselves a sound system like lots of others do, because in their vision that would imply that they have their own set of equipment, which they do not own yet. For quite some time the three of them are involved in the music business.

Danny Pepperseed started to collect reggae dancehall records from the early 90s. In 1994, he started his reggae dancehall show Dancehall Vibeson Stadsradio Helmond, the local radio station in his hometown Helmond. Danny is still doing his radioshow every Wednesday night from 10pm till 12am. In the same year, he also started to write for music magazineUpdate which later merged with Bassic Groove Magazine. As a music journalist, Danny Pepperseed was able to meet a lot of international reggae dancehall artists such as Beenie ManBuju BantonBounti Killa,CapletonSizzlaLucianoBeres HammondShaggy and Maxi Priest to name just a few and he had the opportunity to build a huge network in Jamaica. Initially Danny Pepperseed played as a selector at venues likeDe Effenaar (Eindhoven) and Backstage (Maastricht). He also played inBelgiumDenmark and Germany. In April 1999, Danny Pepperseed set up his own reggae dancehall label Ovadoze Muzik.

Both Kri$$ and Mr. Scissors have their roots in the hip-hop scene and have been collecting reggae dancehall music since the mid-nineties and played on various parties in their hometown Eindhoven.

Ovadoze Movement formed late 1999 after Danny Pepperseed met fellow-members Kri$$ and Mr. Scissors at Le Beat International in Eindhoven earlier that year. In July 1999, Danny Pepperseed just returned from Jamaica and brought back a selection of hot new singles and some wicked remixes on dubplate, which he played at Le Beat. There he and Kri$$ started to talk and soon they discovered that both shared the same passion for reggae dancehall music and that they had the same background: David Rodigan’s reggae dancehall radioshow Rodigan’s Rockers on BFBS. Kri$$ introduced Danny to Mr. Scissors, one of his close friends and the three of them started to par. After Danny returned from his second trip to Jamaica that year in December 1999, he asked Kri$$ and Mr. Scissors to join him to form Ovadoze Movement. In the meantime Kri$$ and Mr. Scissors had just formed their own crew called 2 Strong, but they immediately joined Danny Pepperseed. From that moment Ovadoze Movement was a fact. Their first show was on Queensday 2000 (April 30) at Tramelant in Eindhoven alongside Crucial Sounds. Later on that year more shows followed at various venues in Eindhoven like 2BVirus FestivalClub Burgers and Café De Hoogste Tijd to name just a few.

Since then Ovadoze Movement has played at well known clubs like De Effenaar (Eindhoven), De Rechter (Eindhoven), 013 (Tilburg), Nighttown(Rotterdam), Melkweg (Amsterdam), Willemeen (Arnhem), De Kaaiman(Antwerp, Belgium) and Hof Ter Lo (Antwerp, Belgium). Ovadoze Movement has performed alongside international reggae and dancehall stars like Mr. VegasSizzla KalonjiWard 21Ziggy MarleyMorgan HeritageBeres HammondBitty McLeanT.O.K.Red RatMichael Rose,Eek-a-MouseTaffari and the hot Dutch reggae artist Ziggi Recado. Danny Pepperseed has also selected for Bitty McLeanBusy SignalWayne MarshallPeter Hunnigale and Taffari.

The absolute highlight in the carreer of Ovadoze Movement was their performance for a party crowd of over 400,000 people at the FFWD Heineken Dance Parade in Rotterdam in August 2003, taking dancehall reggae to a higher level by bringing it to the dance scene.

Ovadoze Movement has built their reputation as a reggae dancehall and party crew mastering the entire spectrum of Jamaican music from ska, rocksteady and roots reggae to loversrock, rub-a-dub and hardcore dancehall. Besides the aforementioned styles Ovadoze Movement also has a large selection of r&b, hiphop and soca music as well as a nice selection custom made dubplate specials, made for them by some of Jamaicas best known reggae dancehall artists. Ovadoze Movement is able to nice up every party and to mash up every dance or as Ward 21 says on one of their dubplate specials for the crew: Ovadoze gives you what you need!


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