By the age of three Phyllisia Ross, p/k/a Phyllisia, knew she was destined to be an entertainer. Her father envisioned her becoming a medical doctor. However, convinced that Phyllisia knew what she wanted, her father bought her a piano at the age of five, after he saw his daughter playing the neighbor’s piano. From that time, Phyllisia sought to entertain anyone who would listen to her sing, play the piano or watch her perform.

Unfortunately, at the age of ten, Phyllisia’s dad passed away. It was a traumatic time for her, but she made a promise to her dad that she would fulfill both her wishes and his; specifically, she would become both an entertainer and a doctor. For the next few years she took both vocal and piano lessons to perfect her craft. Today, Phyllisia is an accomplished pianist and singer. She also fulfilled her silent promise to her dad by enrolling at Florida State University, where today she is a junior majoring in Biology. She is well on her way to becoming a pediatrician and an entertainer, achieving both of her goals.

Phyllisia’s signing to her record label was an act of “divine intervention.” At the age of sixteen, she recorded the song, “Wind Beneath My Wings,” as a tribute to her late father. That was the first song on her demo CD. Coincidently, that same song carries special family significance for the CEO of her record label. It took no more than four bars of Phyllisia’s soulful, powerful voice emanating from the CD to convince him that Phyllisia was a rare talent, “divinely sent.” He immediately reached for the phone and asked his staff to track down the person with the divine voice.

Today, Phyllisia is signed to SoBe Entertainment in South Beach, Florida. Her debut album, entitled “Lady Amour,” is scheduled for release this fall. With three platinum producers (Steve Morales, Scott Storch and Big “D”) contributing, her first single from the album, “Fairy Tale,” is scheduled for release on May 27th. The album exemplifies her vocal ability as she delivers R&B and Pop classics to her audience. In memory of her dad, she both wrote and co-produced the heart wrenching, “Daddy’s Little Girl” as her signature performance on the album. Phyllisia states, “This song is my way of showing my dad what he really means to me. Although he was taken from me at such an early age, his impact and influence on me has been monumental. He has given me the inspiration I need to try and reach all the goals that I have set for myself, not only in music, but academically as well.”

Phyllisia also credits her mom for giving her the indomitable will, drive and courage to accomplish whatever she sets out to accomplish. Referring to her mom Phyllisia states “she is my rock and my ultimate role model. She really exemplifies what a strong woman should be. With her example, I feel she is the reason why I have high expectations for myself.

My mother’s my greatest influence and is completely the reason why I am the person I am today. With the undying support of my parents and entire family, I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.”

Inspired by artists such as Sade, Anita Baker, and Alicia Keys, Phyllisia’s smooth and soulful vocals are reminiscent of a combination of all three styles. With an incredible combination of beauty, intelligence, musical, and vocal ability, Phyllisia is already on her way to solidifying her reputation as one of the top entertainers in the music industry.

Phyllisia reminds us that her goal is to “positively influence people in many different ways. Most importantly through music, but also through academics, integrity and character.”


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