Pinchers (born Delroy Thompson, 12 April 1965, Jamaica) is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist. He released one album as a teenager in Jamaica for Blue Trac Records, before moving to the UK in 1985.

In 1987, Pinchers gained fame with the single “Agony”, from the album of the same name produced by King Jammy In the same year he recorded the Mass Out album, produced by Philip “Fatis” Burrell and backed by Sly & Robbie, Jackie Mittoo, and Robbie Lynn among others. In 1990 he made another hit, “Bandolero”, which endures as probably his most remembered single.

He is the father of reggae artist Kemar Thompson, aka Noncowa, aka Jr. Pinchers

  • Agony (1987), Live & Love
  • Mass Out (1987), Exterminator/Ras
  • Lift It Up Again (1987), Exterminator/Vena
  • Got to be Me (1987), Live & Love
  • Dancehall Duo (1988), RAS – with Frankie Paul
  • Turbo Charge (1988), Super Supreme – with Frankie Paul
  • Pinchers With Pliers (1988), Black Scorpio – with Pliers
  • Return of the Don (1989), Supreme
  • Pinchers Meets Sanchez (1989), Exterminator – with Sanchez
  • Two Originals (1990), King Dragon – with Tweetie Bird
  • Hotter (1992), Blue Mountain
  • Dirt Low (1993), Exterminator
  • If You Love Me Girl (1995), Trojan – with Frankie Paul
  • Get Close (2002), Artists Only


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