Jamaican dancehall deejay born in 1991, July 15 in St. Thomas, Jamaica  At a very young age, Andre”Popcaan” Sutherland moved to the mean streets of Portmore, St. Catherine with his mother so they can start a new life.  Popcaan spent most of his time in school trying to keep focused and trying his best to stay on the right track.  Popcaan claims he had a very troubled childhood and was surrounded by violence calling where he grew up was the “Gangsta City”.

At an early age of 7,  Popcaan used to preform during school talent shows and after school concerts.  Knowing his talent Popcaan thought it was just a pipe dream for him to make it big like such artists such as Buju Banton and Sizzla.  As a child Popcaan had dreams of becoming a soldier for the Jamaican army and serve his country proud.  He want as far as taking the test to become a foot soldier.  He soon came to realize that it wasn’t for him due to the lack of effort done by the team.  He quit because he was the test was just to run and hope over stuff on the ground and was looking for more of a challenge.

In high school Popcaan started to develop a love for his music and wanted to make a name for himself.  Popcaan like many Jamaican youths grow up around gangs and violence.  Many of his friends where involved in drugs and many where murdered.  Popcaan did his best to move away from the negative aspects of life and focus more on the positive even stating that he was very bad in school.  Though in high school Popcaan had to leave for reasons he doesn’t want to talk about.

Luck finally came through for Popcaan when he was at a local talent party where he was first recognized by Dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel.  Vybz Kartel liked his unique talent and took him under his wing and bringing him in the group Portmore Empire” in 2007.Vybz Kartelnot only became a mentor to Popcaan but more as a father figure that he was needing.  Vybz showed him the ropes of the music industry and how to deal with life situations.

Popcaan started to move up in the rankings and out shining other members in the Gaza Camp.  As Blak Ryno left Portmore Empire, Popcaan eased his way in to becoming Vybz Kartel right hand man.  Popcaan has had many hit singles such as Clarks, Gangsta City and Dream.  He also released a mix tape that was released on June 2010 called “Hot Skull, Fry Yiy, Boil Brainz”.  This was a free mix tape to all of his fans.  Popcaan still resides in the fast growing Portmore Empire camp where he is Vybz Kartel predecessor.  Popcaan has the new generation in the palm of his hands and attracts the younger fans.


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