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Postman music is an uplifting mix of modern hip hop, vintage soul and pure reggae combined with R&B and blues. The songs are captivating, the lyrics are mostly life reflecting and along with the distinctive voice of producer/performer Remon Stotijn, it creates a world where drama and joy come together.

The Platinum debut album Documents, was critically acclaimed, contained different hit singles and received many prestigious music awards.

On stage Postman is known as one of the best live acts around. Postman has a solid and energetic live reputation having performed at several renowned stages & festivals in Europe. Throughout the last decade the essence of Postman hasn’t changed: spreading a contagious, positive vibe combined with a message in the music.

Like every truly innovative artist, Postman and Remon Stotijn evolve with each album, and that’s definitely the case with the new release, which is the first new Postman album in several years. The culmination of an intense and artistically fulfilling period that saw Stotijn relocate to New York, the new album showcases much of the musically inventive style that fans have come to expect from Postman, but Stotijn has added new layers to his already unique brand of music with this new release, which has instantly received rave reviews from fans around the world.


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