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Prophet Jah Bless Biography

Prophet AKA Karantaba Konnection was born and grew up in The Village of Jarra, Karantaba in The Gambia, smiling coast of Africa. He attended Soma primary school followed by Tahir Ammaddiya High School until the age of 18. He then went to The City and worked in Kairaba Hotel, Kololi before owning his own shop in African Village Hotel, Bakau. Following this in 2004 Prophet decided to leave Africa in search of more opportunities in Europe and has been living in England since then.

Musically, from the age of 9 years old Prophet realised that his biggest interest lay in Reggae music. He started listening to artists such as Bob Marley, Eric Donaldson, Ijahman Levi and Admiral Tibet. During his time at high school whilst attending various parties and social gatherings he often found himself as the DJ amoungst the group which in turn inspired him to want to be more involved with music than just listening to it. After living in England for 4 years and working in various jobs Prophet met the woman he would go on to marry. She was also a music lover and a player of various musical instruments and immediatly spotted his talent for singing and songwriting. She encouraged him to start taking his music more seriously and in 2009 Prophet started to record his debut album – Message.


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