There  is an exciting resurgence of conscious, organic music in Jamaica as industry experts and observers agree that Protoje is playing an important role in what is becoming known as the Revival. Not only has he been endorsed by the legendary Bob Andy, one of the premier songwriters in Reggae’s rich history; also, noted local journalist, Mel Cooke, qualified the artist’s impact with the headline, “Protoje speaks for generation next.”

Leading the millitant band, indiggnation, this powerful songwriter and philosophical thinker articulates the rightious anger of an emerging generation. Protoje reports for duty, re-establishing the standard for the decaying art of socially responsible, mentally stimulating lyricism.

On his debut albam, The Seven Year Itch, David Rodigan declared in an interview: “I’m particully impressed with the album….witch I think is very refreshing.” Meanwhile, declared it the #3 album of the year 2011.

Now that the proverbial itch has been scratched , Protoje is about to embark on an affair. His second album is called The 8 Year Affair and will be released in 2012. It’s first single: ‘Who Dem A Program’, is proof enough that the affair bring with it an entirely different mental stimulation than the itch.


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