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Loraine ‘Raine’ Seville’s transformation from aspiring amateur singer to full-fledged professional is the kind of story that scriptwriters dream up and youngsters dream of. Now Raine Seville is living her dream of music, taking on the business and making an impact everywhere she goes.

“In mid-2007 I was by the Consumer Plaza in my van singing and Serani (of DASECA fame) heard me and he came over and said ‘yuh can sing’. Two days after that he saw me again, requested a demo and I said ‘no problem!’ I went home, got the demo together saw him the next day and he said ‘I love yuh voice and I want to work with you’. The link has been there ever since,” Raine says.

One year and lots of hard work later Raine was crowned the first lady of the high-riding DASECA camp with her unforgettable R&B/dancehall sound, entering the musical stage with her solo single and video Drive Me Crazy. Not allowing for any rest Raine hit the world with a slew of collaborations including: Rain A Fall, Naked and Crying Out for Peace with Serani, Reserve with Bugle and Mentally Ill with lyricist Vybz Kartel.

Born on July 25, 1986, Raine has had a passion for music for as long as she can remember. Entering the first Digicel Rising Stars in Mandeville to pursue music, Raine only made it to the top 100 but never gave up. From 2004 – 2005 the singer was a part-time student at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts and in 2006 – 2007 continued voice classes with the distinguished voice trainer Georgia Schlifer.

Not neglecting school Raine has accomplished much, as she holds a Bachelor’s degree with honours in Marketing/International Business from the University of Technology. “I’ve had a genuine love for music ever since primary school. However, my parents thought it was best to get the right education before pursuing the music,” she says.

It is no surprise, then, that Raine has the full support of her family.

Raine Seville has learnt to apply her marketing knowledge to her career identifying herself as a brand that speaks to ingenuity, positivism and responsibility. She explained, “Music is the love of my life and it has a lot to do with marketing. In this case I am the product and through DASECA I am being marketed to the world. I’m incorporating that into my career”.

What a product, Raine Seville has been producing non-stop work including new music videos, songs and performances on the Coca Cola School Tour and the Digicel stage at Jagra’s Dancehall night at the International festival Reggae Sumfest. Since her initial debut Raine has been turning out the singles including Oh Yeah, the love song Hideaway, the edgy Boss Ladies, the popular Belly Wine for Chimney Records and the very suggestive Be Careful (Slippery When Wet).

She soon followed up with the heart breaking Really Over and the popular Same Boy with singer I-shawna. She is featured on DASECA’s new R6 rhythm, her song on the ‘Movie Star’ rhythm Curious has been doing well, as well as Break Away on the ‘World Premiere’ rhythm and also Too Late on TJ’s ‘Alter Ego’ rhythm. Raine recently released the anticipated video for Be Careful (Slippery When Wet) with Scorpio 21, who also did her popular Belly Wine video. The video featured dancers Shady Squad as well as stunt drivers and was filled with Raine’s own brand of sex appeal.

Raine continues to dazzle with Love You Looking For alongside Tony Matterhorn and a dancehall track with Serani on DJ Nicco’s ‘Daredevil’ rhythm called Touch Me. Outside of Jamaica the young singer has impressed overseas producers such as the famed producer Sean Lachley among others. For 2010 Raine has a slew of songs coming out including Quicky with Konshens, I Wish, Swag and Thing Called Love for DASECA.

Leaving a secure job in marketing for the up and down world of music has obviously held no terrors for Raine, who has proven that the confidence her father expressed in her before he died is well deserved. “Before my father died he would always say that out of his six kids if he was to die he knew I would be the only one he wouldn’t have to worry about. That gave me a permanent drive to succeed and made me truly realise that it was my duty and responsibility to achieve, no what obstacles come my way. My destiny lies within me, so once I have God, health, strength and courage I must achieve” Raine says.

The singer describes herself as a dedicated, spiritual and focused artiste who is always willing to learn. “I’m a very laid-back person who loves to communicate, loves to help people, very spiritual. I put the Lord first in everything that I do. Raine Seville the artiste is a dedicated and disciplined person who looks at her influences to always try to better herself as an artiste,” she says.

Not focused solely on singing, Raine Seville has high hopes of becoming a mogul in the business. Influenced by entertainers such as Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Tupac Shakur, Tanya Stevens, Lady Saw, Bugle and Serani, Raine hopes to one day reach their level of success. She says, “my aim is to uplift the music. I won’t allow negativity to stop me from progressing and will try my
best not to contribute to negativity. I see myself making an effective and positive mark in the industry, being a star, working overseas and being international”.

The first step Raine made as a positive role model was the founding of her own charity organisation, alongside long-time friend Sophronia McKenzie. The ‘One Touch Charity’ was founded early 2009 and visited homes such as the Maxfield Children’s Home with plans for expansion.


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