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Iba (pronounced: ‘Eye-bah’) was born on the island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. As the son of a musician, Iba was indoctrinated into music at a very young age and his passion for knowledge led him to embrace the teachings of Rastafari in his formative years. Overtime and thru much diligence, Iba became lead singer of St. Croix’s Front Line Reggae Band and quickly became one of St. Croix’s celebrated singers.

In 1995, life and mother nature (Hurricane Marilyn) intervened in this burgeoning career and Iba relocated to Connecticut, USA. In Connecticut, Iba kept at his passion by fronting the Survivor’s Reggae Band for the next 3 years. In 2001, Iba recorded several songs with Bambú Station that were selected for their award-winning compilation “Talkin’ Roots – Volume I”. Iba’s song “Chant” was selected as the lead track and helped usher in a globally recognized talent pool of artists from the Virgin Islands.

Iba’s song was heavily rotated throughout the United States and Caribbean helping to solidify “Talkin’ Roots I” as a modern classic. Mt. Nebo Records launched Jah Lion (Children of the Nile), Iba’s debut album on July 1, 2003 which has generated outstanding reviews and critical acclaim from industry experts, radio personalities and reggae fans alike.

Since the release of his first album, Iba has traveled all over the world spreading his message of righteous living, morality, world peace and unity. Iba’s tours has taken him to Hawaii, Israel, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, and all across the U.S. He has made appearances at many festivals including Sierra Nevada World Music Fest, Monteray Bay Reggae Fest, Ja sound European Reggae fest, Cheimsee Reggae fest, Hamm Reggae fest and many more.

Iba has released his highly anticpated sophomore album, “Many Lives” in August of 2006. This album contains many great songs and improves further on his first album “Jah Lion(children of the Nile)”. It includes a spirited collaboration with Ijah Menelik of Montseratt entitled “Afrika”, insightful and energetic songs such as “World Crisis”, “Jah Teachings”, “Save The World”, “Stay in the Right”, and the already much beloved ode to his Mother and all mothers, “Strongest Woman”. Unlike many releases of today, the album contains even more songs very worthy of mention in any review of the album. “Many Lives” is a wonderful celebration of music and community building.

Iba’s voice and delivery is very distinct and his phrasing belies the normal song-writing formats commonly used in music today. Iba’s honesty and life-approach also comes out solid in his presentation and his songs are filled with harmonies and call-and-response lyrics, which are always engaging to the audience. Distinct, interesting, harmonious!


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