Rasta Pasta


Rohan Rasta Pasta “Naakunta Laab” Watson was born in Manchester, Jamaica. He always had a passion for music from an early age but his environment didn’t allow him to pursue his dreams. As he grew older he realized that only he could make his dreams come true. He put together a small “recording studio” after being denied access to a local studio because of the lyrical content of one of his songs.

Now he is recording regularly. As many reggae artists state Robert “Bob” Marley as their inspiration, Naakunta Laab was inspired by less famous artists from various islands including Midnite, Mutabaruka, and H.I.M. Naakunta Laab’s message is one of self love, self reliance and truth. He is the creator of iRasta Pasta Rekords that just released “A Bitta World” featuring artists such as Cutty Corn, Lutan Fyah and Chezidek.


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