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The Royal Rootsband is a Young professional Reggae/Dancehall Backing band with a unique sound. Their sound consits of a variety of Music genre’s (Reggae, Dancehall, Roots, R&B, Rock, Ballads) and there are no limitations. The strength of the band is their creativity, because they can make an old song sound like a modern song.

Creating a show from sratch is an other quality of the band. The band is founded by Ricardo Simons. Ricardo is an experienced professional drummer. He as worked with various famous artists. 2006 he decided to take a break, because it was a very busy year for him. It was round about this time he got an idea to make his own band.

January 2007 he met a very talented keyboard player and producer named Marlon.  Marlon also had experience in the Music business, for several years he was part of number one Surinam band la rouge. Ricardo saw an opportunity to work with Marlon in the nearby future.

January 28th Ricardo saw an opportunity to participate at a Bob Marley tribute so he contacted Huey a talented guitarist who Ricardo knew for several years. The second person Ricardo contacted was Derrick, wich was introduced to him by Huey. Derrick is also a talented and an experienced musician, he’s gifted to play the bass guitar. Derrick was part of a popular Surinam Group called Ghabiang Crew. The last member that joined the Group was Feliticiano. He also plays the keyboard. He is now 3 years active as a keyboard player, but he plays like he never did something else. This very talented musician was just what the band needed. After Feliticiano agreed to participate in the Group, Ricardo could confirm that they would play at the Bob Marley tribute.

The band only practiced six hours together, but from the first minutes they started to play they had a tremendous chemistry. It sounded like it was a Group that existed ten years. After a succesful performance at the Bob Marley tribute, Ricardo , Marlon, Huey, Feliticiano and Derrick felt great and decided to stay in contact with eachother.

Sooner then they thought they got an offer to do an other performance so they decided to officially start a backing band by the name of the Royal Rootsband. They are working with varous artists and are determined to be the number one backing band of the Europe.

The Royal Rootsband haven been on tour with: Gregory Isaacs, Richie Spice, Chuck Fenda, Fantan Mojah, Gyptian, I-Wayne, Etana, Natty King, Warrior King, Chezidek, Pressure Buspipe, Natural Black, Norrisman, Zareb, Ninja Ford, Nitty Kutchie, Kenny B., Irieginal Abraham, Barka Moeri, Le Prince, Fullany, Lyrical and many more coming soon.


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