Shazman was born Shazam Khan on November 24, 1982 in Skeldon, Guyana. He and his elder brother grew up in a small village Crabwood Creek with his mother and grandparents in complete absence of their father. His mother was always out working to provide for the entire family. “There we were, in the heart of poverty, but momma tried her best”, he says.

At age 8, after the death of his grandparents, his mother made the difficult choice to move to Europe in search for a better life. It would take another 4 years before Shaz and his brother could re-unite with their mother in Europe. Being inspired by his mother who loved to read poetry, he quickly started to write his own rhymes and developed himself in writing songs. He soon met some local rappers that were looking for their break in the music business with whom he collaborated and did a lot of promotional shows.

After being heard by Casablanca Connect, a local DJ/artist who was working on his first album at the time, he was asked to do a collaboration. The song they did, “Hot Gal”, was distributed by “Club Vernes” as a promotional single for the club. He eventually recorded 4 tracks with Casablanca Connect as featuring artist on his promo CD.

In 2002 he linked with artist Rizky Rough who was already signed and worked alongside producer Chief Rubio & Phantom Loc who were most familiar with the reggae/urban vibes that Shaz was seeking at the time. His first tracks recorded with Chief Rubio were played by the best DJ’s in the club scene all over The Netherlands. The crowd embraced Shaz because of his tremendous amount of energy, positive music and charming character. In 2010 he decided to move to Florida where upon arrival he was introduced to the Orlando crowd at Club Limelite by Dj Reconn of 102 Jamz. His charisma quickly caught the eyes of the media as they showed much interest in Shaz and his unique talent. He was featured in various magazines in US & Europe, was given the opportunity to perform at Ybor City’s most recognized club “Prana” in Tampa and shook the crowd at Black Heritage Festival with his high energy.

The launch of his single “Mystery Lady” in 2011 gave his career a gigantic boost. Industry executives from the Netherlands, US & South America instantly rated the single a #1 hit and a nomination for the Hollywood Music in Media Award as best reggae complimented it even more.  His major breakthrough as a performer took place on May 1st at Sunfest in West Palm Beach where he shared stage with music veterans Earth, Wind & Fire, Ziggy Marley and many more as he astonished the audience with his musical vibes and high energy.

At present, Shazman is working on this first album and is determined to create one with reggae crossover to various music genres that has never been heard before. With his mission to inspire the hearts of men with “Love, Peace & Unity”, Shazman is getting ready to conquer the world!

Be sure to visit the official website at Www.ShazmanOnline.Com for a more comprehensive view. All active social media websites, music & videos are accessible here and the site is updated weekly to keep fans posted on the latest development of Shazman.


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