Born in his motherland Ghana his parents had plans for him to become a doctor but he also came to the world with a natural passion for music which eventually became his main focus. “Call me a Soul Healer” he said “I will heal the people’s soul trough my music”.

In Accra, his city of birth in Ghana, he gained his first musical experience trough the church choir and at the age of 17 he decided to work on his solo career. Working with American producer Nana king he took Ghana by storm with his first local hit single called “Obaa Pa” which means “Virtuous Woman”.

After that first success Sonniballi became well know in Ghana and so he expended his musical resume by working with a group named “G Life” with whom he made two successful albums named “Kotoho” (which means “Take A Bow”) and “Abrabo” In Ghana (which means “Life In Ghana”). Furthermore he also worked with very popular West African musical artists like Mary Agyapong with whom he had the hit single “Ade Dede” (which means “Sweetest Thing”) and he also worked with Slim Buster on the song “Georgina” and with the very popular musician named Lord Kenya.

Over the years working with many different producers he developed a unique sound being influenced by the many different styles of music he was confronted with.

Sonniballi`s style could be best described as a mix of Cultural African Music, Reggae & Dancehall vibes with a touch of Hip Hop.

Having made a solid name for himself in Africa he decided to further extend the reach of his music by moving to Europe. Sonniballi is working on his album named “First Seen Second” working with producers from Bad Habbits and Kobolo MusicK (Courtesy of Elijah Records). Sonnibali`s latest single named “Oh Why” which was released in 2011 has been doing very good in the Dutch Urban Top 100 and has been picked up by various radio stations and is also being aired by TV music station TMF in the Netherlands.

The Album will show the growth he has made as an artist and will contain a surprising mix of different styles of music and artist features. This is just the beginning of a fruitful career for Sonniballi and as the Soul Healer himself would say: “don’t let negativity or anything stop you from achieving greatness”.

With his new album he plans to convince the world of his talent and to help healing many souls all over the world.


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