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SOUND ARMADA is not a stranger in the Dutch sound business. Playing out since 1998, Wilfman has been able to surprise the crowd with vibrant selections every single time. From obscure foundation tracks till the latest bashment banger, there’s something for everybody in the dance when ‘Armada ah play’.

It was at age 13 that Wilfman discovered reggae & dancehall music and from that moment never looked back. A new chapter in his life started, trying to spend every penny he earned on the latest releases out of Jamaica or the biggest classic Ska, Rock Steady and reggae tunes.

Because of his wide selection of Jamaican popular music and the ability to cater the crowd in a creative way, the one-man musical army SOUND ARMADA was born in 1998.

After dropping one of his earliest mixtape’s in his Arnhem home town, it was Activator from Arnhem’s own FATAL SOUND, well known for the ‘Reggae Roadblock’ concerts & parties, who saw the talent and made Wilfman a household name at his dances in the ‘Willemeen’ venue. Playing alongside FATAL and at Reggae Roadblock parties, Wilfman got to meet & see the Dutch & international dancehall fraternity and found out that his style of playing was actually appreciated by the people whom he looked up to.

From those late 90s till now, SOUND ARMADA has played at numerous Dutch venues with sounds like the aformentioned Fatal Sound, but also sounds like Herb-A-Lize It, Foundation Sound, United Sounds, Ovadoze Movement, Skank Around Sound, DJ Ivoryman, Riddim Shower HiFi Power, Keytown Sound, Jahva Sound, Pow Pow Movement (Ger), Freddy Krueger (JA) and provided warm-up and after parties for the crowd at concerts from for instance Tony Rebel, Queen Ifrica, Beres Hammond, Gregory Isaacs, Baby Cham, Pinchers, Cocoa T, Black Uhuru, Eek-A-Mouse, Max Romeo, The Ethiopians and many many more.

It was in the early 2000 years that Wilfman found out there was a slot available at local radio station RTV-Arnhem. Eagerly to spread his beloved jamaican music to a bigger audience, he applied for an interview. One interview and a 30 min test run later was enough to convince the program director which resulted in the birth of SOUND ARMADA RADIO in februari 2002. In the first years with a weekly hour on Wednesday, showcasing old & new material in the reggae/dancehall genre, but as of 2004, 2 hours on Tuesday evening mainly concentrating on brand new releases with an occasional ‘classic’ throwback selection.

Because of the growth of internet and social media sites, (and last but definitely not least Wilfman’s musical selections) SOUND ARMADA RADIO became one of the most frequent listenend to reggae & dancehall radio show in Holland with more people tuning in from all over the world as we speak. Listen for yourself, every Tuesday @ 9pm (cet). Check the live stream at or

If you want to stay up-to-date, make sure you don’t miss out on a show, wether on air or in the dance, because Wilfman & his MC Mr Patze will most certainly entertain you with wicked selections, positive energy and ‘mek yuh buss a wine’!

The radio show can also be found as podcast at the iTunes store.

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