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Terry Lynn comes to Last Gang by way of Waterhouse – an impoverished area of Kingston, Jamaica. Her sound is as penetrating as her message, both unrelenting in their break from the status quo, and demand for change. Daft Punk meets Marley meets Malcolm X – Terry’s revolution remains one of optimism while depicted with powerful imagery uncovering the serious and often dark picture of corruption, violence, and poverty that makes up day to day life on the ‘other’ side of Jamaica.“I believe in life and love itself. But I’m kinda worried with the direction of how things a turn still, but me just a be optimistic because Jamaica is our place. We just really need to get it back up and running” states Terry.

Connecting with Phree Music, she was encouraged to not be bound by the constraints of the typical sound and hook driven subject matter of the current JA dancehall scene and made the decision to avoid the Jamaican studio system altogether. The sound is distinctive, hard, and impassioned unlike anything ever heard from the sunny shores of this Caribbean hot spot.

“The legendary Coxsone Dodd referred to Terry as the ‘true voice of the streets’ with advice to take time to ensure such a message is heard anew. A queen is never crowned at home, and joining the sonic revolution understood and led by Last Gang is such a natural fit for Terry”, says Phree Music founder, Russell Hergert.

The first self-titled single from “Kingstonlogic 2.0” features mixes from France’s Olivier Giacomotto, Canada’s John Acquaviva and Jonathan Coe, and Chicago house legend, L.A. Williams. The video for “Kingstonlogic” features photography by Peter Dean Rickards of the Afflicted Yard and can be seen online at kingstonlogic.com.

Terry’s full length album “Kingstonlogic” is slated for release September 23rd 2008.


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