The Black Peter

A thru definition of my music discipline is basically, a recording artist (Reggae/Dancehall/Hip-Hop category), Producer, Audio/Video Engineer. Steady on my grind.

I am from Holland, born in Surinam. My quote : “Quality First, Then Music”. Currently I’m producing some of my own projects, and some projects including Various artist. At the moment busy with a project featuring a artist from Cleveland, we decided to do a Hip-Hop/Reggae LP. Trying to bring a new sound, by mixing these Different music genres.

We will release the LP digital, with distribution of CD Baby/I-tunes. The world of today is going threw a lot of war, crisis, and other type’s of misery, so my inspiration and motivation is and always will be, to lift up and give the world happiness and hope threw hard times. That’s why this LP, and other upcoming projects are a development of my musical career. With songs like: “Don’t let they tell you, People Crying, Nothing Bout Love”, I’m trying to give the people in need, a voice and comfort threw difficult and hard time threw there life’s.

My experience in the past where some big events like “BevrijdingsFestival (Freedom Festival-translated)” , with some great names(Ali-B, Opgezwolle, Jawat, Uniq, Opposites, Serani, Kempi, Gordon, Direct, Anouk) of the Dutch Music/Hip-Hop Industry. Supporting Act in different Live Showcases threw the country (Holland), supporting some international-national Reggae/Dancehall/Hip-hop acts. In 2008 i accomplish to win the first price of an event called “Stads-Spelen” (City-Kick-Off). This event was a battle between bands and solo/group artist, the competition went on 4 a half year, doing shows in full packed Places, with at least 500 people audience.

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