Timmy T

Humble Beginnings

Kemar Andrew Turner, professionally known as Timmy T, was born November 1, 1982 in a small
community called Jackson Town in the Parish of Trelawny, Jamaica. He was introduced to the arts
by his loving grandmother and from an early age, displayed a natural love for theatre, music and the
performing arts. He spent most of his young years immersing himself in music but it wasn’t until he
began high school that a more earnest approach to his musical endeavours started to take shape.

Early Professional Pursuits

Fortune smiled upon Timmy T in 2002 while he was attending the Moneague Community College.
One of the key members for the then up and coming group, Turf Squad, noticed his talent for
vocalizing and asked him to join the group. Not one to shy away from opportunity, Kemar duly
accepted and immediately added life to the 4-man group. The group blossomed with Kemar’s
addition and after a year decided to change direction. Part of that change included a rebranding and
the decision was made to change the name of the group from Turf Squad to M.O. (Modus Operandi).

This new direction proved to be a catalyst for success and in 2005 the group released their single
called ‘Treat Me Right’. The single, along with the accompanying video, got rave reviews from many
top music professionals. But the bulk of the praise came from the listeners and it was this praise and
recognition that spurred Timmy T into the spotlight.

A Solo Recording Career

With the successes experienced while being a founding member of M.O., Kemar decided to start
working on a solo career in 2005. Taking his influences from Sizzla, Bounty Killa, Jay Z, Biggie Smalls,
The Marleys and Collie Buddz, Timmy T began a new direction in his writing and in 2007 released a
self-produced first single ‘Pressin’. His first video followed shortly after.

In October 2010 Timmy T released his first mixtape “Longtime Coming” and is now poised to start
working on his debut album. His latest single Touching You, produced by Dario “the magician” of
Iceberg Studios and Hanif chito of Mad Media House Music has been creating waves on the local
music scene and is set to create even bigger waves with the now release of the highly anticipated
music video.


Timmy T has never forgotten the profound lessons taught to him by his loving grandmother. One of
those lessons was the insistence that noting positive can happen without God. That lesson acts as
the cornerstone for much of his success and spiritual inspiration. His mantra ‘‘put God first” hangs on
a plaque next to a photo of his grandmother, and whenever he needs inspiration, he casts his eyes
upon them.

Timmy T believes too that his associations are a vital part of his success and points to the
overwhelming support he gets from his loving friends and family—both of whom share his deep
spiritual values. With his music and positive direction, Kemar “Timmy T” Turner is poised to lift his
generation and country to higher levels of consciousness.

Career Highlights:

Timmy T has had the chance to meet and interact with some of music’s biggest stars, but some
experiences stand out well in his mind. He cites getting the chance to meet and speak with Mrs.
Voletta Wallace, mother of legendary rapper Biggie Smalls, as one of his most inspiring career
experiences. In addition to meeting Mrs. Wallace, Timmy T has been blessed with opening at Fully
Loaded Beach Party in the summer of 2007. He shared the stage with local and internationally
acclaimed artistes including rapper Fabulous, Reggae powerhouses Mavado and Bounty Killa; whom
he considers as some of his idols. With many more achievements on the horizon, Timmy T is an
artiste for the future and definitely one to watch.

upcoming projects

Timmy t has been busy in the studio working on upcoming releases by music labels such as Push
A Yute Productions,also 3 upcoming compilation projects by Mad Media House 1) winter breeze
2) Blackmail riddim 3) margarita riddim and also Gesta music upcoming one drop compilation
project Yard swing

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