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George “Wild Life” Scott hails from the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica, West Indies. And as most people from the rural parishes do; came to Kingston with my mother where I attended school. I am an Alignment Technician by day and a musician at nights.

Years ago I was introduced to Caveman by an artist from his fold called Rockland where I voiced my first tune – “Work So Hard”. As you know, Caveman is the musical teacher of reggae superstars like Luciano, Sizzla, Jah Cure, Natural Blacks and Jah Mason, to name a few.

I am currently working with Reggae Legend – Bunny Wailer and I have a tune on the Tek Set Album Volume 1 called “Farming Time” co-written by Bunny Wailer. This album is a mixture of upcoming artists who Bunny Wailer thinks will uplift reggae music to the next height. We are now working on a next album that will be out soon with various artists.

At present I am voicing music for a handful of producers worldwide, who I am sure will be able to take my career to the next level and to the world at

I am now one of the hottest upcoming artist in the Caveman family.

Special big up to Steady Ranks, Farmer Roots, Black Warrior, Uprising Records, Not Easy At All Productions in Holland, L Slinga in the U.K., Queen Easy in Germany, Tidal, and a very special big up to Caveman and Bunny Wailer my Teachers and to all my fans worldwide; Big Up!

Give thanks, One Love Always, Ras tafari.


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