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Yah Meek was born in 1971 in Robin’s Bay/St Mary at the North-East coast of Jamaica. People recognize since his early years that he is blessed with a god given talent. Since he is a small child love to sing, he joined the school choir and performed at several small events around his home town. Finally he had the chance to join some talent shows where he always came off a winner – that laid the foundation stone for his carrier.

In the early 90s he worked with Jahmali, one of the leading Roots Artists. 1994 Yah Meek visited Germany for the first time. His first performance in Germany was with Marlon B. Later he worked with different artists from Frankfurt’s Dub and Dancehall scene, like Tricky Cris and the Ragga Muffin Soundsystem.

1997 his first single “The Riddim” Global Youth feat. Jah Meek was released on Sony Music. The musicvideo run on VIVA and MTV and even made it to the Top 10 Radio Charts. In the same year Electrolux Records brought out Yah Meek’s songs “Open Your Mind” and “Each One Teach One”.

Afterwards Yah Meek toured through Germany together with Serious Dropout, a Dub band from Frankfurt. In 1999 the Jamaican became part of the band Movements, with which he performed at the biggest European Reggae-festivals like Summer Jam, Chiemsee Reggae Summer, Sunsplash Wiesen and Rock am Ring.

When he visited Germany for the second time he continued working on his carrier. Together with the band Banned-X he cooperated with Artists like Gabriel La Mar, Mark Jefferies and George Din and released the Album “Songs and Trax” on Multicolor Rec. Furthermore Yah Meek worked with Sékou from Freundeskeis. Through his cooperation with Rootsman the Roots and Culture track “Beautyful World” was written and released on Meteosound Records Compilation in 2002. In 1999 Yah Meek worked Xavier Naidoo and became part of Söhne Mannheims in 2000 and toured with them through Europe. In the same Year he joined the Brothers Keepers Project against racism and released two songs on their albums.

In 2002 The Jamaican Yah Meek recorded the track “Everything is Possible” featuring Luciano which was released in 2005 as a 7’’ Inch on Velocity Sounds Rec.

In March 2005 he released his first Solo album “Touched By An Angel” featuring artists like Luciano and JahMali on Velocity Sounds Rec. The Jamaican with the angel like voice toured through Europe and enchanted the audience on the most popular Reggae festivals with his unique voice. No matter if live shows with House of Riddim or Soundsystem shows Yah Meek fascinated the people with his charm and his wonderful voice. This might have been one of the reasons why Yah Meek received a Reggae Grammy in the category “best album” in Hamburg at the first German Reggae Awards in the year 2005.

The musician so far known as Jah Meek changed his name into Yah Meek in the beginning of 2007. Yah Meek is a very spiritual person, living according to the laws of the Hebrew Israelites. Knowing that the letter “J” does not exist in the Hebrew alphabet and being aware that the origin of the Word “Jah” lies within the Hebrew word “YHWH” (meaning God) he corrected his Name to Yah Meek.

The years 2006 and 2007 were years of changes, he toured through Europe, being part of the most famous German Reggae Festivals like “Chiemsee Reggae Summer” and “Summerjam”, as well as being part of other festivals in different countries, like the “one Love Festival” in Poland or shows in Russia.

Beside his work on the stage he concentrated on working on his second solo album called “Things Change” which will be released 6th of March 2009 on Velocitysound Records 22/Alive… As well as on his first Album “Touched by an angel” some riddims on “Things Change” are produced by the House of Riddim Band. Furthermore Anthony Locks and BenGee from Ababa Jonhoy Records contributed riddims to Yah Meek ‘s second solo album which features artists like Jah Sesco, Ben Tsedek, Bussu, Karli Owli, the album was mastered by Ganjaman.

The new album reflects changes in Yah Meek’s life as well as the changes we all go through. Yah Meek leads the listener of “Things Change” through a journey of changes in human relationships, in spiritual ways and in love. Framed by Hebrew prayers asking for blessings and guidance, Yah Meek opens his heart to the listeners in his spiritual songs, as well as in his Love songs and Party songs. With his angel like voice and his special way to cry out for more justice and love in the world he truly touches everyone who listens to his songs.


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