Zamunda says ..Jah Love Surrounds Me’ Many people may remember the word Zamunda as the name of the fictional African country in the Eddie Murphy comedy, ..Coming to America’. However, the Zamunda name is going through a rebirth of sorts because of the success being enjoyed by the young reggae singer, Zamunda, who is signed to the Fearless Sound label.

Fearless Sound is renowned for developing and supporting upcoming young artists. The lyrical stylings of Fearless Sound artiste Zamunda have been winning over a new generation of reggae fans with songs such as ‘Oh Jah, Jah, Jah Love’ and Rebel’. “Just as how I am thankful for life it is just as how I am thankful for the talent of singing,” he said during an interview.

Born in Seville Heights, St. Ann, on July 30, 1985, Christopher ..Zamunda’ Gayle is carrying the flag for revolutionary reggae music with his soulful harmonies and well-written songs. He wrote his first song at the age of seven, a song called ..There is Only Love’, and by the age of 16, music had begun to dominate all of his career choices. “Music has been a part of my life from birth as I have been deejaying from the age of five in my community and other places in Jamaica. I realized that I could sing at the age of 19 and I then decided that I would sing rather than deejay. Music is really what I want and love,” he explained. “I enjoy entertaining people from all over. I want to take reggae to the world,” he said.

Zamunda has recently been appearing on a few shows, stamping his class on such shows as Island Explosion, Full Clip and Tivoli Jamboree. ‘”I have also promoted the show Yaad Man Link Up where I also did my thing,” he said. He has been interviewed on TVJ, RE TV, HYPE TV and Fiwi TV on the strength of his single ..Jah Love’, and he boasts that “Jah love surrounds me/no pagan can go round me” continues to resonate with the Rastafarian faithful. “Ah just Jah works, I will continue to do the music and feed the souls and minds of the people,” Zamunda said. Jah’s love surrounds him still.

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