Ziggi Recado

With his blazing performances on Summerjam Festival (Germany), Rototom Sunsplash (Italy), Two7Splash (Netherlands) and Zenith (France) among many others, Holland’s 1 reggae artist Ziggi Recado has put his permanent mark on the international reggae market.

With the release of his second album “In Transit”, Ziggi proves that he’s an excellent singer and song writer. Artists such as Gentleman, Anthony B and Ce’Cile has collaborated with Ziggi on “In Transit”. From september 2008 Ziggi played at all the major venues in The Netherlands on his “In Transit” tour. From february 2009 Ziggi and The Renaissance Band are touring troughout venues and festivals in Europe.

Growing up on the Caribbean island of St. Eustatius the young Ricardo Blijden was given the nickname Ziggi by his grandparents who raised him. In 2001 Ziggi came to the Netherlands to study. It was in that time when he was introduced to Mr. Rude the owner of an independent studio and label called Rock’N Vibes Entertainment. Soon chilling out in the studio with friends became a professional musical career for Ziggi.

Since then Ziggi is a signed recording artist to the Rock’N Vibes record label and management. The dream team was made……….. Quote Mr Rude: “Ziggi had a vibe from the first time I heard him sing”

In February of 2006 Ziggi released his debut album So Much Reasons. With this album Ziggi managed to capture several awards in the Netherlands such as “Best Album”, “Best Artist” and “Best Live Act”. “So Much Reasons” produced several hits and had noticeable features on it with artists such as Elephant Man and Turbulence. His track “Blaze it” (on the “come around riddim”) had a major impact internationally and peaked at the 1 position in the official German reggae charts for weeks.

Ziggi and his Renaissance Band closed off the year 2007 at a peak by going along as the official support act on what was considered the biggest reggae tour that year, Gentleman’s Another Intensity European Tour 2007. Quote Gentleman: “Ziggi should wear sunglasses because his future is to bright!”

With the cooperation of VP records/Greensleeves for the release of In transit, Ziggi writes history by beeing the first European (Dutch based) artist to work with the biggest reggae label on the planet.

All in all, Ziggi is set out to take his musical career to the next level on the Dutch and the international market in 2009. Quote Ziggi: “Ijust love to do music”

Don’t miss out on Ziggi’s album “In Transit” and live performances in a venue or festival near you.


  • So Much Reasons (Release date: 06-02-2006, Label: Rock ‘N Vibes) BUY NOW
  • In Transit (Release date:  21-09-2008, Label: Rock ‘N Vibes) BUY NOW
  • Same Difference EP (Release date: 25-03-2010, Label: Rock ‘n Vibes) BUY NOW



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