I-Octane happy to represent reggae abroad

With sold out shows on his United States tour, I-Octane told the Jamaica-Star he is happy to be representing reggae music abroad. Since starting the tour earlier this year, I-Octane says he has done more than 30 shows and they have all surpassed his expectations.

“So far, it has been tremendous, very good. Great turnout, full venue, Miami ram, Jersey ram, tickets sold out,” he told THE STAR, while in Connecticut.

“It wicked, and mi just feel good fi know seh mi can represent reggae music to the fullest with positive music. All of the people weh come are Octane fans. Everybody sing the songs, line for line. The response has been great. Nuff people weh love Octane proud, and people weh just a know Octane seh mi a dem new favourite artiste.”

Although he is popular in Jamaica, I-Octane said the reception he has been receiving is certainly more than he was expecting for what is his first major United States tour.

“It’s more than what I expected. Mi know mi put in the work, so mi neva expect anything negative. But mi neva a expect the same thing a foreign ’cause it’s a building process,” I-Octane told THE STAR.

While this is the last leg of the tour, he said he will be performing on ‘Best of the Best’ in Florida in May, and he will also be doing shows in Canada, England and the Caribbean in coming months.

In addition, he said he will be breaking his tour to shoot the video for Nuh Ramp Wid Wi on Wednesday. And, he has new releases like Who Fool Dem and Nuh Dream Bout Bwoy.

Meanwhile, the artiste said he is extremely pleased with the direction his career has taken.

“I feel great and I am so grateful. Trust mi, you wouldn’t even know. We just a give thanks to everybody weh support and help wi,” I-Octane told THE STAR.


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