Bounty Killer’s Camp Responds To “Lollipop” Detractors

Dancehall icon Bounty Killer’s camp has stepped forward to address the negatives comments about his latest collaborative single “My Boy lollipop” with newcomer Gabriel.

Cross Cris, head of Alliance Next Generation ANG, said detractors have not listened carefully to the track.

“It’s just people who have that kind of mind think that way. It’s the same way they bashed the song (Hey Baby) with Bounty Killer and No Doubt and it went double platinum. What critics are saying is baseless; it’s obvious they haven’t listened to the song,” Cris said.

“People have always referred to their spouse as sugar and so forth. This song does not say anything about tasting or nothing oral. As I said, it’s baseless and Bounty Killer would tell yuh the same thing,” he added.

Singer Gabriel also shared the same sentiments.

“I don’t think they listen to the song, and they are being closed minded and judgmental,” she said.

Gabriel said critics have been questioning Bounty Killer’s gangster image since the release of the single, however, she was the one who sang the lines alluding to Lollipop.

“If they listen to the song, they will realise that Bounty did not say anything about lollipop, I was the one who sang that part,” she said while defending Bounty Killer’s gangster image. “Maybe is because they don’t know me, because if it was somebody else I don’t think it would have been a problem.”

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