Bounty Killer says no to STING

Any hope that Dancehall superstar, Bounty Killer will perform at STING 2012 seems all but dashed after the ‘War Lord’ confirmed his intention to skip the popular stage show.

The Alliance leader, who initially was on the STING line up, declared that he would not perform at STING following ‘disrespectful’ comments made by the show’s lead promoter,Isaiah Laing in an interview, implying that ‘Gaza’ deejay and current rival, Tommy Lee Sparta had a good chance of defeating him in a clash.

Though speculation within Dancehall circles was rife that Bounty Killer was bluffing, the ‘Grung Gaad’ confirmed during a radio interview on Wednesday that he was serious. The iconic entertainer stated that his STING deposit was returned a week and half ago and the contract originally signed to do the show is now null and void.

“I’ve said it previously that I’m not gonna do STING because of certain insults that was thrown at me. To this day, nothing has been reconciled,” he said.


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