Bounty killer taking lyrical shots at beenie!

It seems as if any co-existence between Dancehall legends, Bounty Killer & Beenie Man has ceased once more due to the release of Bounty’s latest single.

On Saturday, the “Grung Gaad” unveiled his new single, “Who Tell Him Dweet,” taking lyrical aim at Beenie Man; counteracting the “Doctor’s” single released in April entitled “Nah Talk Too Long.” In Beenie’s song, he took a shot at Bounty Killer in the opening line; deejaying, “How Bounty fi she mi cyaah call him name again? BOUNTY! BOUNTY! Mi call yuh name again.”

Bounty offers a stark reply with “Who Tell Him Dweet,” deejaying in the chorus, “A who tell him fi dweet a who tell him go dweet? Mi hear mi name, A who say Bounty? Nuh Beenie, Him tek di bait and now him haffi get defeat, Yuh shouldn’t mess wid Warlord, Di Grung Gaad at every street.” Bounty continues his lyrical assault by singing, “Mi nuh wah nutten fi kill him mi do dat fi free, By now Betweenie shoulda know how mi dweet, So any day again we buck again down a stage show, Him a dead around one a mi murder round three.”

In addition of his lyrical jabs in the direction of the self-professed “King of the Dancehall,” Bounty Killer also calls out former protégé & long-time nemesis, Vybz Kartel. He deejays, “All the dead can hear mi have the zombie scared inna him bleach out pink skin an’ woman hair.”

Bounty & Beenie were seemingly in good graces following a slew of performances together within the last 12 months; most recently at the Grand Gala inside the National Stadium on Independence Day (August 6). However, Bounty’s counteraction against Beenie Man follows recent comments made by the “War Lord” about Beenie & D’Angel’s marriage via Twitter; claiming D’Angel was using Beenie from the get go. “No diss still but Angel didn’t love Beenie she loves all the things he was doing and which woman nuh want wedding and a puppet?” Beenie implied prior to those comments that he felt betrayed by D’Angel’s decision to go to Bounty Killer’s birthday party but not his; given that Bounty had disrespected her several times in the media.

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