Busy Signal “Prison Changed my Life”

Busy Signal has only been a free man a week now, but has already begin the process of building back his blossoming career.

During his first meeting with the media earlier this week Busy Signal shed some light on his time spent behind bars. Signal told journalists that his six months ordeal was one of liberation and enlightenment.

This is what Busy Signal said:

“For a decade I have been in prison in my own mind. My past was haunting me, so behind the smile I was sometimes emotionally tormented.”

“Give thanks to the most high God and the support from the media, it’s been a rough six million years for me for the past six months. What I did, came back to haunt me, but my lifestyle free me up.”

“It had a negative effect on my health, life and career. It gave me a lot of knowledge. Me see people drop down dead from heart attack, I see a lot of things. I’m here giving thanks to the media and everybody who support me.”

“I knew all of this in my head. I’ve been in prison in my head for 10 years thinking about all this,” he said. “Things will come around to haunt you. Mi learn seh, doe get yuh self inna problem. Do di ting and keep the straight and narrow.”

“When I was there, the food was just crazy. I fainted twice. I fell down and had blackouts twice. The doctors had to test me, gave me physicals. They took my blood pressure; they did DNA. They did everything, it was devastating.”

Busy Signal was arrested at the Norman Manley International airport in May after arriving on a flight from London. The United States had an extradition warrant out for his arrest at the time he was taken into custody.

Busy Signal, real name Glendale Gordon, did not contest that extradition and instead opt to go to the U.S. for trial on a ten year old drug case.


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