Busy Signal will be released from Jail tomorrow, November 17th, 2012

Busy Signal’s Attorney  William Mauzy confirmed to THE WEEKEND STAR that the artiste will be released tomorrow (November 17). The Federal Bureau of Prisons also confirmed the release date.

With Busy behind bars for the birth of his son, his girlfriend Tunya Campbell says she is ecstatic that he is coming home.

“I’m more than happy that he is coming home. I’ve been waiting for him to come home for so long, and now he is finally going to be here.”

Meanwhile, Romain Virgo, who describes Busy as his mentor and who collaborated with him on his latest album, said he is excited to see Busy back home.

“It is a joy! It’s an overwhelming feeling. I am more than happy, I can’t even explain. Everybody in the Penthouse Recording family has been anticipating his return and we really can’t wait to see him. I can’t wait for him to come home and do wha him love,” Virgo said.

Having also collaborated with Busy Signal, D-Major also expressed his joy for his friend’s release.

“People have been reaching out and are anxious for him to return, so me know the reception a go be extremely warm. He had released his album and the promotions for that were cut short so I know he will be excited to come back and pick up where he left off. Mi glad fi him and mi know him glad to get back and continue his work,” D-Major told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Sharon Burke, CEO of the Solid Agency Company, is equally excited to see the artiste returns home.

“I’m more than excited about his return. He is a very conscious person and I know he will continue to do great things. I’m happy he is coming home, I’ve never been more happy for anyone. He is part of our family and we are glad to have him back,” she said.

Known for his lyrical genius and hard-hitting songs, many producers are anxiously awaiting Busy’s arrival and are even more excited to continue working with the artiste. Conroy Fort of Washroom Entertainment said that he was looking forward to seeing Busy back in the studio.

“I’m really happy he is coming home. We are all anticipating him hitting the studios because I’m sure he has a lot to talk about based on his experience. I look forward to him visiting the Washroom studio and sharing some of his thoughts. Trus’ me, mi long fi see mi bredrin.”

Although Busy will be released tomorrow, it is unsure when he will actually return to the island. He will be given 45 days to return to Jamaica. If he remains in the US beyond that, he could be arrested on drug charges.

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