Christopher Martin Solidies His Spot As a Force to Reckon With

New York (September 6, 2012). Landing in New York at approximately 4:00 pm on Friday, August 31st from a 6 city Japan tour, there was very little time for Christopher Martin to unwind or even rest. Instead he was scheduled to perform at one of the biggest Reggae shows in New York known as Hot97 Reggae Tip.

Arriving at Hammerstein Ballroom at 1:00am, Christopher Martin was ready to perform. Like a true star he took time out to take photos with fans and members of the Hot97 family. As he made his way to the stage he was greeted by fellow co-workers in the business; Konshens, Baby Cham, and Mr. Vegas just to name a few. It was now showtime and the sold out Hammerstein Ballroom were ready for the next artist. The fans began screaming as the lights dimmed, you heard a soulful, melodic accapella voice coming from backstage and the ladies were hysterical. Christopher would enter the stage singing his recently released song “Carpenter”. As he entered the stage, the crowd was rocking hands waving and he would hit them with song after song. Each song received great crowd response as they sang along with Christopher, but it was “Cheaters Prayer”, which received the first forward of the night at Hot97 Reggae Tip.

It was now off to Atlanta where Christopher was scheduled to headline the annual Reggae Jam concert. With another stellar performance the Atlanta crowd , moved and sang every song. At the end of his performance the crowd requested an encore performance and he fulfilled their wish. It was now time for Christopher Martin to head back to New York for two more scheduled shows.

On Sunday, September 2, Christopher Martin was back in New York and ready to hit the biggest Hip Hop and R & B radio station in New York, Hot97. He was accompanied on air with Konshens, Mr. Vegas and the Doctor Beenie Man who were all interviewed by Hot97 Massive B; Bobby Konders and Jabba. Shortly after leaving the radio station Chrstopher Martin was on stage performing at the 5th annual 5 Alarm Blaze hosted by Mr. Cee. The sold out crowd at Webster Hall was anxious to see Christopher and he was prepared. Changing his set and openning with a more uptempo song “Vibes Right”, he had the audience swaying in unison. As he continued the crowd would become ignited once he sung “Paper Loving” and call on the verteran DJ Red Fox. Christopher would seal his performance with a crowd favorite “Cheaters Prayer”.

Now it was off to Massive B Labor Day Shutdown at BB Kings Live in New York City and Christopher Martin was ready. Performing infront of another sold out crowd Christopher had the ladies screaming from beginning to end. It would be another solid performance, with “Cheaters Prayer” being the crowds favorite. Receiving thunderous screams after singing “Cheaters Prayer” for the second time, it was only evident that Christopher had to give another encore performance.

Now back in Jamaica, Christopher Martin gears up for another performance on Saturday September 8, where he is scheduled to headline at West Indian Social Club. When asked about the past three weeks on the road Christopher said,

“Its a job I love and music is my life. My fans make everything possible, so big up to all my fans and my longtime suppporters and to the new fans welcome aboard, Si Martin Yah”.

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