Copper Cat killed in Kingston, Jamaica

Young artist Copper Cat was killed in Kingston, Jamaica earlier this morning (01-21-2011). According to our sources, Copper Cat, whose real name is Demar Graham, received a fatal shot in the head near to the house of his mentor, the singer and producer Richie Stephens, in the Waterloo area of Kingston. Details of the murder are still emerging, but allegedly the artist was killed for his Blackberry phone and robbery was the motive. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

At eight years old Demar Graham a.k.a. Copper Cat had a winsome personality, a love of deejaying and a desire to make it into the business. Still he never saw this dream coming through until he met the man who would change the course of his life and become his mentor. The chance encounter took place while Riche Stephens was shooting the video for his hit song ‘Winner’. Copper Cat who was on the scene ‘auditioned’ for Stephens who was totally amazed by the youngster’s ability to deejay.

Stephens who saw the potential in Copper Cat, and know the opportunities that could be afforded to him in Kingston sought the permission of Copper Cat’s uncle who incidentally was named Richie also to fully take Copper Cat under his wings. An over the moon Copper Cat became a part of Richie Stephens family living with him in Kingston.

Stephens shortly after penned the song ‘Stay In School’ for him and Copper Cat created quite an impact with it as it enjoyed heavy rotation on all the major radio stations and proved to be a good motivating song for other youngsters. Copper Cat also got the chance to showcase his talent as Stephens brought him on most shows he was booked on. Copper Cat was not short on songs to perform as Stephens who is an outstanding songwriter kept penning new materials for him such as ‘Wise Up’, ‘Bend Di Tree’ and ‘Run Di Version’ giving the youth the chance to establish himself as an artiste and promoting positive and conscious songs.

With a hit song and getting the opportunity to perform on top shows most artistes would opt to focus fully on music, but Copper Cat’s mentor would have none of that. He encouraged Copper Cat to focus on his school work and so music took a back seat while Cat passed his GSAT from Stella Maris and went on to Jamaica College where he successfully sat his CXCs and CAPE exams.

While a student at Jamaica College Copper Cat was very active in the extra curricular actives. He was the president of the Student Council 2006-2007 and also a member of the Jamaica College Manning Cup team.  Now that he has graduated, Copper Cat feels it is now time he gives some attention to his first love – music.  Two years ago he released a single entitled ‘Meck It Stay’, a combination with fellow artist Atomic, and also did a tune called ‘Friend Murderer’ for Notice Productions.

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