Dancehall Artist Quick Cook Denies Feud with Chi Ching Ching

Are Chi Ching Ching and Quick Cook feuding? That is the question asked by party goers who attended the 7th annual CMG BBQ/Dream Launch this past Monday night in Queens, NY. The event was a huge success and as with the previous year excitement and surprises marked the night. The vibes were nice and drinks where flowing, patrons mingled with the likes of Ricky Blaze, Chi Ching Ching, Wacky and Quick Cook just to name a few when the DJ dropped a crowd favorite with the song “Party Shot” by billboard chart topper Popcaan and featuring rising dancehall artist Quick Cook.

Seeing this as his cue to grab the mic, Quick Cook made his way to the stage and started singing along to the delight of his fans, an impromptu performance took place that led into more of Quick Cook songs. The DJ perhaps getting carried away called on to dancer turned artist Chi Ching Ching who took over with some lyrics of his own and seemed to be throwing words. Quick Cook took it in stride as he was there for the sole purpose of enjoying himself as special guest to Richard Harding CEO of Calico Music Group. Letting the vibes flow he made his way to the bar for some more champagne, but edged on by his fans, went to the DJ “Sharky” from Superforce, dropped some money on the table and performed some more to screaming cheers.

When asked on a brewing feud between himself and Chi Ching Ching, Quick Cook stated “As of right now I’m in NYC just trying to promote myself and push my career. Last night I was booked to be at a Memorial BBQ in QUEENS and that where I was, from my understanding me and ching ching chink have no beef is just to how what happen mek di fanz dem pree like there is tension between us. What happen was as party shot a play mi tell the selecta fi pull up that and forward then my song “NO ID MAN A VIP” start play as my song was playing and selecta that was with ching ching chink call him up and and he went up on and said ” dem nuh hot, dem feel like hot sell a shop warn in I’m the chain saw man”.

After he said that I went back on stage and said ” mi nuh knock any knock mi a knock a wid mi RIVA STONE or mi slang dem” QUICK QUICK QUICK. To how I see it, it was like when I said fi forward ” party shot” like dem neva want that!!!! I am an entertainer, a DJ, and a artist my focus is Music and my Fanz who are supporting my career and want to see quick Cook bring niceness to dance hall I am as humble as a lion in the jungle everybody a yard and aboard a sey mi slang dem quick quick quick quick Riva stone buss dem head and fi da one da nuh buss dem head wi fling a bigga stone wap wap wap wap mad rassssss!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Quick Cook reiterated that there is no feud on his end and that music and his fans are his main and only concern. Chi Ching Ching could not be reached for comments.

Story by Shuzzr, The Malaika

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