Dancehall artiste Khago "good relationship with his mother has softened his heart"

Having been on a controversial path in recent times, dancehall artiste Khago says the good relationship he now has with his mother has softened his heart, and has also inspired him to pen a reggae album.

The name of the album is yet to be decided, but Khago says it will be released in June or July, as the songs are already being mixed.

“For the first time dem ago hear mi sing a mama song ’cause me and mi mother deh pon a good page. Mi a try put har inna a house before even miself. A dat mek mi even calm down,” he told THE STAR.

“A bare heart mi have inna da album deh ’cause me and mi madda good again. Mi heart nuh tough up again. Not having your mother’s love beside you can toughen up your heart. Mi a get mama love, she a tell mi seh she love mi … soften you up and tek a bag of burden off your heart. Everything used to worry mi, but mi just a realise seh that was because me and mi mother never good.”

Khago, however, stressed that his mother was not a bad mother but “a did nuff a wi.” This, he said, caused him to stray.

While partially inspired by his mother, Khago said the album was also inspired by his fans who wanted to hear something different from him.

My struggles

“It will have mostly love songs and my struggles that I go through, songs with feelings, the acoustic side. Khago started out doing reggae. I have to get back to the reggae side while still having a presence in the dancehall,” he said, noting that he has dancehall songs like Road Dawg and Marina Stretch Out that are also doing well.

“The people dem a beg mi nuh fi stray from dat side deh too far. People a seh dem nah really get fi hear that side of Khago. Mi a do a heart-felt reggae album ’cause the people request that side of me.”

The album will feature other artistes like Frankie Paul, Shaggy, Richie Spice, Vybz Kartel and Barrington Levy. He says there will also be productions from Downsound Records, himself and Markus Myrie.

And although he seemed to be absent from the dancehall scene for most of last year, he said the time was mostly spent on working on the album that he expects to do well.

“A hard work. Mi tek 2012 an put it together and try get mi head straight. Mi feel seh it a go get a big buzz because people never really hear mi sing yet, most people only know Blood A Boil and Nah Sell Out. When they hear me singing they will have a new level of respect for Khago,” he told THE Media.

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