D'Angel breaks down during interview

An emotional D’Angel recently appeared on Winfred Williams popular entertainment show On Stage, where she shed more light on the internal affairs of her marriage to dancehall star Beneie Man.

Williams also showed footage from an earlier interview with Beenie, where he said there wasn’t any intimacy in the marriage. “You and yo wife cyan a sleep inna di same bed and no husband duty naan gwaan fi all two weeks,” Beenie Man said.

D’Angel shot back by telling Winfred, “When your content and when your happy you do that at your best, so when you loose all of that and when you’re not happy, a woman body just shuts down.”

D’Angel said she doesn’t want to be apart of a public circus anymore and Beenie Man is rushing to the public “playing the victim,” before breaking down.

Watch the drama unfold below.

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