Don Sniper on the verge of musical breakthrough!

Upcoming artiste, producer, and songwriter Don Sniper has boldly stated that he believes his musical breakthrough is just around the corner.

The multi-talented musician, born Michael Davis, is very much optimistic about his future in the music business, due to the increasing public attention that his work has reaped over the past couple of years. And, with his single ‘I like to Party’, which features veteran dancehall artiste Cobra, doing well in the clubs and on the airwaves, Don Sniper is working towards establishing himself in the dancehall music arena.

“Right now it (I like to Party) a gwan good … the clubs are playing it as well as radio stations in Jamaica, Europe and the US. It’s getting great reviews especially in Europe where Cobra is presently promoting it. He’s also going to put it on his upcoming album (not yet named),” he said.

Though he’s relatively new to ‘music world’, Don Sniper has been doing a lot of underground work since the 1990’s. This subsequently led him to forming his own record label Pleasure time records, in 2005, which according to him, was created to give upcoming talents a fair chance to display their musical skills.

“I started my label because most producers were only producing one set of artistes. I saw that it was really difficult for upcoming artistes to get a break, so I decided to start my own label,” said Don Sniper, who also noted that an artiste must have real talent to grab his attention.

“All a young artiste needs is talent. Once they have the talent I’ll give them a run”.

As a producer, Don Sniper has worked with several popular dancehall artistes including Vybz Kartel for whom he produced popular singles ‘Brace of my life’ and ‘Anything Goes’ on the ‘Hice It Up’ and ‘Tripple X’ riddims respectively. He has also released two medley videos for both rhythms.

The father-of-one and businessman, who grew up in the Papine area, said he won’t get carried away with the recent public attention, but will remain grateful while continuing to produce quality music.

“I do my songs differently; I spend time arranging my music to achieve a certain level of quality. The lyrical content in my songs are very strong,” he said.

By his own estimation, Don Sniper reveals that his two new singles ‘Turn it Up’ and ‘Good Girl’ will build on the momentum he has already gained from ‘I like to Party’.

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