ELEPHANT MAN captivates teen fans in Panama

The energy level was at a high last Sunday in the Spanish speaking country of Panama as Jamaican dancehall deejay Elephant Man was in town for a special youth concert dubbed “Passa Passa Kids” staged at the Roberta Duran Gymnasium, a building named after the countries prized boxer who obtained a total of six world boxing championships.

Performing for over an hour Elephant Man reeled out his extensive catalog of dance hits to a eager and excited crowd of teen fans who despite not speaking English were able to sing each song word for word while others got busy dancing to the sounds of “Nuh Linga”, “Sweep” and “Pon Di River”.

After a stellar performance the energy god engaged his fans, signing a number of autographs and took pictures with those who were able to nab him. While not his first performance in Panama, last weeks show marked the return of Elephant Man after 7 years having done a show prior in 2004.


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