Jamrock XXL: The Dancehall Heroes – February 26, 2011

The world is filled with pussyclaats and fassyholes, but have no fear the Dancehall Heroes are here! On February 26th the Jamrock boys are back with an amazing party! Jamrock XXL: The Dancehall Heroes is where all the real citizens of Jamrockville will come together and party the night away! Your musical heroes, DJ Waxfiend, DJ Jah, DJ Drivah, Maikal X, KaliBwoy & Suppa Kid, will make sure that the townspeople of Jamrockville will have a great time!

The infamous villain Dr. Evil aka Leftside will be lurking around the stage as well, creating a festive havoc as he tries to take over your body with tunes like “In Deh”, “Stay Far From We” and “Suck Yu Muma”!

Everything will be fine though, once you uphold the rules set by the leaders of the Dancehall school!

There will also be “The Trap Area” where you can hear your favorite Hip Hop and R&B tunes all night long by Jayceeoh (NYC) and DJ Prime (Da Goodfellas)!

To witness this spectacular event, make sure you get your tickets on time! Log on to www.jamrockxxl.com for more info and you can also purchase your tickets online at the site or at all Free Record Shops!

Jamrock XXL: The Dancehall Heroes
(featuring: DJ Waxfiend, DJ Jah, DJ Drivah, Suppa Kid, Maikal X, KaliBwoy & Dr. Evil aka Leftside + more!)
Date: February 26, 2011
Venue: North Sea Venue (Hemkade 48), Zaandam
Tickets: €17,50 (presale, more @ the door)
The Trap Area (hip hop and R&B): Jayceeoh (NYC) and DJ Prime (Da Goodfellas)
FREE buses from Zaandam CS to North Sea Venue & back!
Buses also available from Rotterdam & Den Haag (riddimup@hh-empire.com for more details)

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