Konshens Changes the Game with his shoe line Konz 876

Jamaican dancehall superstar Konshens has made a major power move with the ground breaking launch of his shoe line Konz 876.

With this game-changing move, Konshens will set new standards for the dancehall game because Konz 876 is not a mere endorsement deal for Konshens, as he will have equity in the venture and play a key role in all marketing and design decisions, alongside his business partners.

“The plan is to build the first worldwide recognized dancehall brand and we seem to be doing that with the huge amount of pre orders just based on posts from my Instagram and Twitter accounts. Dancehall has for many years been looked at as just a hustle, I want to take brand “dancehall” to the globe and do it in a way where we will benefit outside of just the music,” Konshens states.

“Dancehall and Reggae music have the widest range of core fans worldwide and I think the only thing that separates us from other more mainstream genres is the lack of entrepreneurship on our part as artistes. There’s so much more we can do to maximize on our potential, influence and pulling power.”

Konshens and his business partners, who are already successful businessmen, intend to increase that trend and usher in a new era in dancehall.

The brand’s first release will be five different shoes. One is the “Konz Sub” which is a mix

of patent leather and leather.

It’s a low top shoe that comes in both black and white and we also offer one for the ladies in pink and white. It has a very edgy but clean classic look. There is also the “Gamechanger”” which is a high-top shoe mixed with both leather and blue jeans, a very creative and clean design,” says Konshens .

There will be two launches in Jamaica, the first in Kingston at The Quad on Friday the 13th of September and in Montego Bay at Donway Village on the Hip Strip on Saturday the 14th of September.

Konz876 will have an office and store in Kingston at 13 West Kings House Road where people can purchase shoes starting this Saturday, September 7th.

Plus anyone purchasing shoes will receive a pass to the launch party and a free bottle of Appleton at the event. Shoes will also be on sale at the events and at key locations in Montego Bay,” Konshens said.

The company has also developed a website, www.konz876.com,  to facilitate purchases outside of Jamaica. There are also plans for launch parties for the brand all over the world based on the sheer magnitude of Konshens’ fan base and his rising popularity worldwide.

I wore my shoes on a two week worldwide tour recently and Konz876 has been buzzing internationally. This move created a vast amount of interest in the brand, people wanting to know more about it, and they were clamoring to get there hands on a pair ,” Konshens said.

There are also plans in the pipeline to tweak the design specs to appeal to certain key

demographic segments of the market, in other words…bagga sittn fi Di girls!!!

” On our next batch of shoes, as well as more men’s designs we will place more emphasis on the ladies as we have just concluded our market research to see exactly what women want to wear, as their swag changes even more rapidly than ours as men,” he said.

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