Konshens is hoping for a change in the Jamaican music industry

Just like Michael Jackson said, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror…”  Dancehall reggae sensation, Konshens, is taking the same stance.

Everybody in the Reggae music industry wants to see a change, whether a little tweak here and there to a full blown makeover.  But many prefer to nag and complain rather than take ACTION!

Konshens is one of the few who decided to carry the torch with hopes to start a chain reaction.

During his performance at the launch of Reggae Sumfest 2011 last week, he stressed, “We need some more one drop songs, artistes need to start recording some more one drop and hold back a vibes …. mi ah start wid miself!”

During an interview with Jamaica Observer he continued on to say, “The one drop is the signature of Jamaican music culture worldwide… besides the fact that I’m naturally a patriot, I love the soothing groove that a one drop riddim has, it’s second to none.  If you waaa hold ah medz, it should be your first option musically.”

“Jamaica has outgrown one drop, which I think personally we cannot afford to.”

Konshens also pointed out that other countries are producing their own forms of reggae music to a point where Jamaica is slowly losing its strong hold on the worldwide scene.

I recently checked the Reggae Albums on the Billboards and I saw some names I’ve never even heard of holding down strong positions on the top ten list.  Konshens may be on to something…

He stated, “These countries are beginning to produce their own reggae and are becoming independent of Jamaican reggae… this is dangerous to our industry.  I think a balanced diet of one drop, dancehall, R&B and any of the other genres can only build and diversify our level of creativity in music.”


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