Konshens Successfully Wraps Up His European Tour

International dancehall artist Konshens has just wrapped of his three week European tour. Starting out in Germany Konshens was immediately summoned to band rehearsal to begin his preparation for RUHR Reggae Summer Festival.

Konshens has appeared on RUHR Reggae Summer Festival before, but this time he was one of the headline acts. With over 10,000 people jumping and embracing every song performed by Konshens, it was evident to Konshens and dancehall fans that ‘dancehall nuh mash up at all’ and Konshens is a force to reckon with. Immediately following his performance Konshens took to social media to voice his opinion on a great show in Germany and the recent attempts for Jamaica to implement numerous dance-hall bans.

See dance-hall yah weh dem say dead! Dem ppl yah hungry and a bawl fi it and dem deh a Jamaica a maths out how fi destroy it…dem a lock off dance and a lock up selecta, mash up permit ting, so if you nuh inna di link u cyah try a ting, now dem say dem a go lock up man fi song…Why dem ppl whe hate dancehall just nuh migrate??? What a rass when dem migrate an see farin ppl have it on to lolol. Me a hide it an smuggle it out before dem kill it lol… Music nice u fu#@ lol”

It was now off to Amsterdam and Konshens had his sold out crowd bubbling, walking and whining, and siddung. His fans also took the time out to show their love for Konshens as one fan tattooed the lyrics to his song ‘Realest’. Just another confirmation that dance-hall music continues to be embraced on a global level.

Next stop was Sweden and Konshens had no time to relax, as soon as he landed it was time to hit the stage. Some of the crowds favorite were “Good Girl Gone Bad”, “Realeast”, “Gyal a Bubble”, “Do Sumn”, ” A So Mi Tan” and “Winner” just to name a few. It was evident that these shows were well promoted as attendance were in record numbers for dancehall performance acts.

Konshens European tour continued as he made his way to Garance Reggae Festival. Garance Reggae Festival is one of the biggest French reggae festivals in Europe. It was obvious that this predominantly reggae billed talent festival was pleased with Konshens performance.

“The tour was great. I always love performing in Europe, the people love reggae and dancehall, they appreciate the music and fully embrace the culture.”

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