Konshens will not be in Europe this October 2012

New York (October 4, 2012). The management of Subkonshus Music and Konshens would like to advise all European promoters, event planners, fans and every person and entity associated with the European Music fraternity, that Konshens will not be touring Europe this October. We understand that in some cases there must have been a misunderstanding between promoters and booking agents. Therefore, flyers may have been circulating and we urge you to immediately cease all promotions as Konshens is not booked or confirmed for any appearances in Europe this October.

KONSHENS will not be in Europe this October.

We sympathize with you for any inconveniece this might have cause, but please be advised that Subkonshus Music is in no way responsible as we did not confirm any shows with any promoter nor booking agent in Europe.

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