"Lack of Communication" says D'Angel

D’Angel spoke to the cameras for her first television interview since her divorce with husband of five years, Beenie Man. An emotional D’Angel spoke on TVJ’s Entertainment report and stated why she put an end to their relationship. D’Angel insisted that she had finally reached her breaking point and had enough. “I had a husband I couldn’t communicate with; we couldn’t share our thoughts,” D’Angel implied.

D’Angel also elaborated that there was a lack of trust that continually developed within the marriage; explaining that the two weren’t even living together whilst claiming that Beenie Man owned a “bachelor pad” while the two were together. Given their constant arguments as well as the public embarrassment that she suffered, she believed that it was finally time to pull the plug on their marriage.

Beenie Man has maintained that D’Angel’s decision to skip his birthday party despite attending her ex-boyfriend, Bounty Killer’s birthday party was the last straw for their relationship; leaving him heartbroken. Beenie also claimed that he would never marry again following his marriage to D’Angel.

It is said that D’Angel has recorded a new single entitled ‘Break Free’, which supposedly talks about her divorce with Beenie Man and encourages women to seek happiness & not allow themselves to be burdened by tough situations.

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