Mavado Calls On Jamaican Authorities To Save Dancehall

Mavado is the latest big name dancehall act to call out Jamaican authorities since passing the Noise Abatement Act into law.

The act imposed strict noise and time constrain on Jamaica’s iconic street dance culture and other forms of entertainment on the island.

According to Mavado, they are killing dancehall culture with the NoiseAbatement Act.

“Everywhere in the world you go people know Jamaica for reggae music, sports and entertainment,” Mavado told Irie FM. “When you make dancehall suffer you make the youths that eat off dancehall suffer. When you lock off dancehall and those things you’re killing dancehall and your killing the culture of the country.”

These days Mavado spend most of his time in the U.S. touring and recordingnew material. The Gullyside singjay is also signed to Cash Money Records.

Dancehall music has seen a resurgence in recent years with several hip-hop artists doing crossover danceall singles.

Rap legend Snoop Dogg, now Snoop Lion, has also made a full transformation from hip-hop to reggae with a full length reggae album.

The Noise Abatement Act in Jamaica has been one of the most controversial law imposed on dancehall in recent history.

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