Mavado still Biggin Up Alliance Family

Mavado has been very silent since the lyrical feud between some members of the Gully Squad and Bounty Killer began, however he has now spoken.The Gully God says there is no rift between him and Alliance leader, Bounty Killer. Mavado says that there will be no lyrical feud as well.

“Nobody nah go live long enough fi see Mavado war wid Killer because mi never forget where mi come from,” he told Winford Williams of CVM TV’s Onstage.

“More time tings gwaan, man and man vex and ting, but mi still ah big up the Alliance family…at times, the media feed off the negativity, even in Jamaica, just like the other day. dem say mi chop up people and I was just driving my van going about my business.”

Mavado says right now he is focused on his career and new partnership, and is also looking forward to his 30 city US Tour which will begin at the end of October.

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