Melkweg Amsterdam Cancelled Sizzla Kalonji Show

Amsterdam venue Melkweg cancelled the upcoming show of Reggae star Sizzla Kalonji which was scheduled for Sunday March 16, 2014. The venue decided to cancel the show due to the Homophobic Lyrics during Sizzla’s performance last month at the Jamaican STING Festival.

Fans that already bought a ticket for this show will get their money back. Melkweg said.

In a reaction to the ban at STING Sizzla’s publicist, Olimatta Taal responded on behalf of the Grammy-nominated singer, saying organizers should not have attempted to censor him for speaking out against issues deemed illegal in the constitution.

“It is Laing’s show but he knows the artiste that Sizzla is and he knows what Sizzla represents,” she said. “If you book him for a show, don’t censor him. If you want to fight the issue, then fight the Government…Sizzla was just expressing the values he was brought up on. Don’t censor the artiste for that.”

Check the video of Sizzla Kalonji live @ Sting, Jamaica


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